Metakings ICO Review: How Blockchain Can Make The Fighting Game World Better?

Simona Antonella
3 min readDec 28, 2021

Metakings has a unique decentralized autonomous organization structure which allows players to control all aspects of the game. The combat system is very similar to a classic RPG, and is designed to encourage competitive play and Esports.

The platform has a high level of social interaction and rewards, and is geared towards players of all skill levels. The system is already making waves in the gaming community and many of the best players have earned thousands of dollars in binance rewards.

The game itself is fun to play, but it has evolved into a social network and job platform. Through the Blockchain economic framework, participants are rewarded for their efforts and contributions to the ecosystem.

This concept of “play to earn” has already inspired thousands of gamers from developing nations. While most people have never heard of blockchain technology, Metakings has quickly become a popular source of income for many gamers.

Play-to-Earn (PTE)

The Metakings ICO review shows that the game is a Play-to-Earn (PTE) environment with crystals, ARENAS, and leases. Metakings’ economy is based on concepts already existing in non-blockchain mobile games. The game rewards long-term value appreciation.

In addition, grinding increases the theoretical value of Metaking NFT. This builds sweat equity and helps the Metakings to be more valuable in the decentralized marketplace.

The Metakings ICO Review explains the game’s innovative feature: its in-game economy. Metakings is a platform where players can sell characters or habitats in VR games. They can earn these tokens through activities in Metakings.

The MTK is a virtual currency that enables users to invest in the virtual world. The platform will use BTC and MTK for transactions. This means that investors will receive income from these activities, but the money must be sufficient to invest in Metakings.

Metakings aims to be a global platform

Metakings aims to be a global platform. Its currency will be MTK. The MTK token is the native currency of Metakings. The MTK can be sold to other players. It is also used for buying and selling characters in AI games. The MTK token is live on the Binance mainnet.

Metakings has a few ways to earn tokens. In addition to staking, players can also lease a Habitat. Each habitat has a single Metaking character. A Habitat can only produce BUSD if it has crystals. Its native currency is called MTK. This non-fungible token has a unique smart contract that allows it to be traded between players.

Metakings, a new fighting game driven by blockchain technology. We plan to make this a huge hit in the gaming world. Gamers will have an opportunity to socialize and earn real token rewards as well as compete globally with other players.

Metakings fighting game driven by blockchain technology

Metakings is a new game that came out recently. It is a fighting game driven by blockchain technology and people are calling it the next big thing in the world of gaming.

Metakings is a new fighting game that can be played with friends or players around the world. It is a multiplayer, single-player and cooperative game that includes a unique cast of characters. Each character in Metakings has unique skills, and there are various moves that can be used to fight enemies.

I’m sure you’ve played a lot of battles using wands, swords, and guns. But how about fighting with blockchain technology? Metakings is introducing the first ever blockchain-driven fighting game not entirely controlled by the revenue driven by sponsorships. It’s going to be a game that anyone can play for free!

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