WaykiChain Is Building A Global Community and Entered World Cup 2022 Big Event

Simona Antonella
4 min readJan 7, 2022

The WaykiChain team is made up of professionals with extensive experience in the business. Sun Jianlin, the originator of Ou Lu Zhong Chou and the Xinhuo Network, is widely regarded as a pioneer in the field of digital currencies in mainland China. He has also worked as an Executive Director at Jufeng Digital Asset Management Co., Ltd. and as a Senior Data Analyst at the Alibaba Group, among other positions. Alumnus of Columbia University Gordon Gao is responsible for designing the commercial model for the WaykiChain project, as well as strategic planning and the development of a digitalized monitor system. His international experience also benefits him in his efforts to promote WaykiChain in other parts of the world.

A ‘Developer Incentive Program’ has been announced by the company, which compensates developers for creating applications that run on the blockchain. Developer centers have been opened in both English and Chinese, and a developer incentive program has been launched. The developer incentive program attracted participants from more than 29 nations. The success of WaykiChain’s developers is a strong indicator of the project’s long-term viability and potential. The team is committed to assisting developers and establishing a worldwide value ecosystem through the use of blockchain technology.

The company has a vision and mission that are worldwide in scope. WaykiChain is a project that was founded in 2014 with the goal of creating a decentralized blockchain for people all around the world. There are no limits on the use of WaykiChain. It is completely open source. The primary purpose of the project is to increase the accessibility of distributed computing to people from all walks of life. The waykichain token is the way to go in this situation.

The project has been designed to be as adaptable as feasible to changing circumstances. Participants in the initiative are not restricted in any way in terms of their ability to do so. User participation is completely voluntary, and the WaykiChain team is working toward a similar goal. Through the waykichain, the organization hopes to foster the development of a global community. However, it is a complicated project, and its users will find it difficult to navigate through it.

The waykiChain network has a decentralized consensus technique and contains eleven ledger nodes, which are distributed throughout the network. Every node has the ability to vote for the node who receives the greatest number of votes. A transaction fee is paid to the node that wins the competition. Furthermore, the waykichain community is expanding all of the time. The waykichain and its users are not constrained in any way by any restrictions. One of its most significant advantages is its stability.

It is still possible to purchase WaykiChain Is Building AGlobal Community One Step At A Time if you are not a technical wizard. Simply follow the instructions on the website to do so. WaykiChain may be purchased on the majority of cryptocurrency exchanges. As soon as you’ve decided on a trading platform, you must authenticate your identity. You will be sent with a link to your wallet once your verification has been completed successfully.

The mainnet of the WaykiChain cryptocurrency is now being transferred to the Ethereum blockchain. The process of moving to the Ethereum network is rather straightforward, Nothing more than signing up for an exchange, setting a price for selling WaykiChain, and waiting for confirmation is required. As soon as you have selected the appropriate cryptocurrency exchange, you may begin trading on your favorite cryptocurrency.

WaykiChain World Cup 2022

WaykiChain, a seed project in the blockchain forecasting field, has attracted heated discussion, by focusing on the blockchain, we predicted the launch of the WaykiChain, which was in the limelight at that time. The continuous press conferences held in China, South Korea, and other places reached thousands of people.

The time has come to 2021, after more than three years of latent cultivation, WaykiChain has gradually shifted its development focus to overseas markets. It can be said that it has found an overseas road that can develop its own business more safely and in compliance.

After being successful in China, South Korea and Japan, WaykiChain is about to enter the world’s largest sporting event — 2022 China World Cup. It is believed that this is one of the most important steps for the WaykiChain team to become an international brand. With commercialization as our goal and the advancement of technology as our means to achieve this goal. We will continue to promote the progress of blockchain technology into all walks of life!*

WaykiChain World Cup 2022 is an interesting and unique sports project, which is the first in the industry to use blockchain technology to create a decentralized prediction market. The project aims to predict the outcome of major international sporting events, including football World Cup, UEFA Champions League and so on, and then reward players with tokens.

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